Bath Bombs

All our Bath Bombs and products are lovingly handmade in New Zealand, using natural ingredients. We don't use any sulphates such as SLS or SLES in our Bath Bombs and are free from parabens. We test on humans only, no animal testing! The perfect gift or treat for yourself!

Bath Bomb ingredients- Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, coconut oil, fragrance, colour.-may contain dried flowers such as rose buds or lavender. 

Some Bath Bombs have a soap topper, ingredients can be found under soap section. 

Our bath bombs come shrink wrapped, the packaging is 100% recyclable 

Our Bath Bomb recipe is designed to enhance bath time by releasing a beautiful scent and moisturise your skin with the coconut oil, leaving your skin silky soft. As we don't use SLS you will find our bombs are more of a slow fizz than a fast frothy fizz- (this is caused by the SLS which is also can be a skin irritant) We hope you enjoy them.